What’s my line?

Remember this? Back in the archives of BBC, you can find old episodes of this cult game show where members of the audience were invited onto the stage by the inimitable Eammon Andrews and invited to ply their trade, moving themselves into ever exaggerated contortions to relay the essentials of their daily job to a relatively clueless guest panel! Oh how we laughed!

Roll forward 40 years – and meet the housing with care and support sector – acting out ever more complicated descriptions of what it is that we do. With a flurry of hands and exaggerated actions, we bend and shape our workforce to sound like the kinds of roles that we think the commissioners of the future will want. I completely understand this, and indeed have been advocating for housing to be recognised for the contribution that it makes to the health and social care sector – but there is a need for the sector to take a breath – and work out what it wants to be in this changing world.

The good news is that we are part of the way there. Sitra and Skills for Care have been working on identifying and scoping out the range of roles within the sector for the last 18 months. The product of this work is some excellent resources outlining how this plethora of person specs and job roles can be brought together into a smaller subset of definable roles, which have then been mapped onto the existing qualifications developed by Skills for Care.

This provides a real possibility for us to reframe what we do into identifiable/portable/transferrable roles – that we can then start to champion and promote to our future partners, commissioners and clients. It would also be enormously valuable in scoping out the role for the future workforce, giving a clearer message to recruiters, colleges and apprentices – about what it is that they can find if they join the housing with care sector.

The four roles that have been developed through the mapping and stakeholder engagement are Co-ordinator, Navigator, Independent Living Advisor and Support officer. Does this sound right to you – could you envisage your role, or members of your team, or services you commission fitting into those job roles? Can you see your offer to CCG’s, Public Health or adult social care being framed in the context of providing – for example – ‘navigators’?

Want to find out more and get your hands on these excellent resources – then join Sitra and Skills for Care on our roadshow of free events. Dates still available in Taunton, Cambridge, Birmingham and Preston. Full details of the events can be found here. http://www.sitra.org/free-skills-for-care-events-workforce-issues-for-those-working/

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