Health and Housing: Back to the Future Day!

It is the 21st October 2015 – a day that many Back to the Future fans have been waiting for! Amidst the flurry of excitement about what gadgets and gizmos will mirror the films future sight – I have been left wondering what Doc and Marty would have to say about the health and housing sector 30 years on in their travels. Would they take one look at the landscape and leap back in their DeLorean – or would they recognise that there has been progress, and the appetite for change is very present?
Today, coincidentally (if you believe in such things!) is also the Kings Fund and Public Health England joint conference on Health and Housing – and this to me is a marker of a significant and potentially sustainable shift in the relationship between these two sectors.

This is also the day where Sitra and partners launch three separate reports which show just what progress has been made – and provide evidence and ideas for how to take things further.

The first of these is a report sponsored by PHE, and delivered in partnership with the Royal Society for Public Health which recognises the innovative offering of the housing workforce to deliver public health messages. The report, Public Health: Housing workforce holds the key, is accompanied by a series of free to use learning resources to develop the skills and knowledge of the workforce, supporting research and case studies.
The second report, Housing: Just what the doctor ordered, addresses the ongoing challenge of housing providers engaging with Clinical Commissioning Groups – and vice versa. It is a real ‘how to’ guide written in partnership with the NHS Alliance, who speak with great confidence and authority from the health perspective.
The final offering recognises that housing can’t deliver the best services to meet tenant need on it’s own. A home is much more than a house: Integrated approaches for the housing, health and care needs of vulnerable adults has been produced with the Local Government Association and showcases excellent examples of where housing, health and social care have come together to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people.

So stick with us Doc and Marty – the future is looking bright (er!)

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