From #strength2strength…….

Strength – we all have it – but sometimes it is more difficult to let it show, or to believe it will be valued, or indeed to recognise it in ourselves.

Our Sitra conference this year brings to life the many different ways in which people can and do show their strengths, and celebrates success, diversity and difference.

Delegates can expect to sing out in celebration with the Choir with No Name, challenge the stigma around mental health with Time to Change, sit in on a conversation with dementia communication activist Sarah Reed , Chris Roberts and Suzy Webster, hear how coproduction is going down with Sitra partners in Europe and understand from Martin Simon of Nurture Development how strength based working is the only way forward for communities! But that is not all! Jimmy Carlson, OBE, will be sharing how his life has changed and the importance of client led initiatives such as Groundswell. Peter Yarwood will inspire with his story of how he used his strengths to form the Lancashire User Forum, a dynamic stakeholder group for people with a commitment to recover from substance misuse. Colleagues from Change People will challenge us to think differently about how people with learning disabilities can and should be employed in the delivery of support services. We will also hear from participants from the London Housing Foundation funded programme Pulling Together who will share their experience of how a tailor made accredited training programme has brought their lived experience into the learning and development arena.

The policy agenda is shifting to sit firmly behind the strengths based agenda, and this will also be an opportunity to think about how the housing sector can show its strengths. Shirley Cramer from the Royal Society Public Health will talk about the great opportunity for the housing sector to lead the way in promoting health messages – building on our trusted connections across our tenants. Sticking with this them of building on existing relationships, Sian Lockwood from Community Catalysts will talk about how community based housing related support services have nurtured the development of new enterprises to better meet the needs of individuals within the community.

Person-centred work remains key to Sitra, and Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) will be at the conference, sharing resources and ideas for how organisations can ensure their services are focused on supporting independence and strengths. Sitra have been working with TLAP to develop ‘Making it Real’ for Housing with support, and hope to use the launch of it later in the year to boost integrated understanding of how key messages to strength based working can be used across sectors and settings.

Finally we are delighted that alongside our fantastic array of speakers, we will also be joined by a great range of exhibitors, many of whom will be showcasing the strengths and success of client led enterprise.

If you can’t join us in person – then do at least connect by following #strength2strength


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