One Page Profile – Housing Challenge Day!

Or should I say – “It started with a tweet…… never knew it would end like this!”

Risky business this late night tweeting – can get you into all sorts of exciting relationships! Earlier this year, I happened upon a tweet by the marvellous Helen Sanderson, whose passion and commitment to personalisation have been an inspiration to me for a number of years. Helen was busy championing one page profiles in the health service, as part of the innovative NHS Change Day. She posed a challenge as part of change day to galvanise the health profession into taking up one page profiles.

The concept of one page profiles was not new to me, I knew about Helen’s work, and through Sitra’s detailed personalisation work with housing and support providers we have long championed their usage. However, as those of you who know me will be aware, I do like the notion of a challenge! So, I hooked up with Helen and a plan was formed. Social media champions out there will be pleased to know that all this was done on line – and it was only last week that Helen and I actually met in person!

The challenge was set at the Sitra #changemakers conference in March this year. By the 1st July, Sitra would have supported the development of 100 One Page Profiles for Housing. Supported by a fantastic team at Sitra – including Dani, Geni and Luke – the challenge campaign took shape – and the results are pretty astonishing.

Firstly we built up our gallery of profiles, drawing together example profiles from clients, staff and leading figures in the housing, care and support world. The gallery can be found here – and it is growing all the time.

Next we connected up with organisations committed to implementing one page profiles or growing their usage of them. The details of these organisations can be found here.

Then we pulled together some case studies and presentations on how organisations were using them, and what difference they had made. Some sample cases are here.

Finally we pooled a whole host of resources, ran workshops and developed templates to make it straightforward for others to take up this way of work. Resources are here.

And what about numbers – I am thrilled to say that through the campaign we have been able to identify that the best part of ten thousand profiles are in use in the housing sector. Now – not even I will claim that all these are down to our challenge! But the challenge has helped bring together what feels to me like a leading example of best practice – helping organisations take a first step towards personalisation – towards breaking down barriers between clients and staff – and to embarking on a pathway to culture change which sector leaders feel they will never look back from!

So challenge day is upon us – and the final piece of the challenge jigsaw again came together on line. Helen put us in touch with the inspiring Community Integrated Care, one of the largest national providers of social care services. They too are embarking on an internal voyage to get all clients and staff ‘profiled’ up within a year – now they really like a challenge! We have just finished a jointly hosted session in the NW, bringing together housing and care providers, to encourage even broader take up of one page profiles. With the added bonus of showcasing #integration between housing and care in action!

Big thank you to those who have already put forward their example profiles – the gallery and our resource centre remains very much open for business. And huge thanks to Helen Sanderson and her fantastic colleagues who have given so much support to help us get housing on board. The story definitely does not end here………….

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