One Page Profiles – Taking up the challenge…..

At Sitra, we are delighted to be working with Helen Sanderson Associates to take forward the challenge of introducing One Page Profiles to housing. In Sitra’s work around personalisation with providers and commissioners we have been promoting their usage, and seeing the value of them in driving forward personalisation. How can something so simple – make such a difference?

Well – the beauty of it is that it is straightforward. It is about putting onto one page the key things that you would like others to know about you in order to better support you, work with you, understand you, value you, share with you …..the list goes on,but don’t take my word for it……

Look Ahead have been using One Page Profiles for some time – and Ceri Sheppard shares their learning here 


 “Using One Page Profiles has been positive across the organisation. They are very important for relationships and mutual respect. Honestly, I can’t think of a single reason not to do it.”

So what do you need to do now! Take part in the challenge of course…… We have set the sector the target of producing 100 housing profiles by the 1st July – and we have got some great tools to get you on the road. Taking the next step is critical – and there are many routes you can take! Visit the Sitra website to take the plunge. View some of the profiles already on line, Come to our free workshop on the 12th June, where Helen Sanderson Associates will be there to help you build up profiles for clients or staff, share the existing templates with colleagues and clients to build up your own bank of profiles, send us completed profiles to share, champion the approach using the #onepp tag on social media, share barriers and solutions… This is a great opportunity for housing to grab hold of this accessible tool to take one step closer to personalisation. Hold my hand and we’re half way there…….

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