Change is coming – are you ready! #changemakers

Update!!! Thanks to everyone involved for a fantastic #changemakers conference on 20th March 2014. Much more to come – but for a quick preview – see,2AUYW,2EG23F,8CDOM,1

We are in serious countdown mode at Sitra – with less than 24 hours to go before our annual conference.

The theme of the event is #changemakers – and I am excited that we have gathered together a programme representing some of the most exciting thinkers and doers – not just on the podium – but in the audience too.

However, this blog is not intended as a spoiler! I have seen enough of the coverage of George Osborne’s budget to not wish the #notnewnews tag to be applied to our conference programme!

However, there is a real challenge to understand how positive change continues to happen within a sector significantly impacted by austerity, welfare reform and a shifting commissioning base.

I have been looking with great interest at the work being carried out within the NHS – particularly around #nhschangeday. We could do a lot worse than look at the leadership approach being advocated by Helen Bevan – and I am very interested in her perspective around how change happens, and how we need to build up our sector ‘rebels’ and ‘boatrockers’. (

I really like her graphic as to how we plan for change ……. and how change happens.


I know that the conference will inspire me as we clamber up the hills of change to ‘keep on trucking’. The sector has a long tradition of innovation and change, and I hope that the day will recharge, inspire, delight and create change in equal measures. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow – or to you joining us throughout the day under the umbrella of #changemakers.

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