Pulling Together – Coproduction in Action

At the end of January we brought together a fantastic group of clients, front line workers and organisation leaders to celebrate the launch of Pulling Together. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this great resource – then visit www.pullingtogether.org.uk

The Pulling Together website provides you with up to date materials on the following areas of welfare reform:-

The Work Programme

Personal Independence Payments

Resettlement for Under 35’s

Universal Credit

The site also includes FREE training resources including lesson plans, presentations, exercises, links to broader resources and a guide to the co production and co delivery of courses.

Critically all the training resources were co produced in a unique partnership between Sitra and SHP– working with Sitra coproduction experts, and our welfare benefits trainers – and SHP frontline staff and clients. This means that what you get in the training is not just what the ‘experts’ say – but rather – what the clients and front line staff think is essential that you know – and using their experiences and voices throughout the training.

This exciting collaboration really comes to life if you take a look at this clip about what it felt like to be involved in the co production process.

SHP  have been enthusiastically putting the resources to use – working on sessions for front line staff, for clients as part of internal meetings and training sessions and on a one to one basis using exercises or information from the training to support key working session.

The project was supported by the London Housing Foundation – who are self declared funders of ‘great ideas’. We are delighted that they took this initiative on board and help us bring it into focus.

I really hope that you find the materials useful – and we are keen to get your feedback on what works for you – and how you have used them. We are committed to keeping the resources and the wider web upto date – so let us know if you develop anything that you would like us to share.

In the face of all the changes going on – we hope that this ‘pulls together’ much of what you will need!

DSC_1020 DSC_1015 DSC_1005 DSC_0982

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