Data day is here………..

Today is the day we have been waiting for in Sitra – the day that we launch the national call for housing support data for 2012-13. We are contacting all top-tier authorities in England to send through their housing support data for 2012-13. This data will be invaluable locally and nationally – and we are keen to get as wide a picture of provision across the country.

At a local level data on housing-related support helps commissioners and providers to quickly compare information and benchmark themselves on capacity, costs, performance and outcomes. This local data can also help plan investment and supports good commissioning in services for vulnerable people that meet local priorities. It is also useful to show those working in other areas like social care and health.

At a national level, housing-related support data helps show the impact of investment in preventative services for vulnerable people. This will help raise the profile of housing support, including to government departments and ministers.

We have been really pleased by the positive response to the sector whilst we have been piloting the national collection tool – and if you want to find out what the new collection will produce – then check out the pilot sample and the demonstration tool at national data collection.  For the first time you can see data on spend aligned with data against outcomes and performance.

As authorities submit their information, they will be able to see their data come to life in a dashboard based format, allowing them to see the relative performance on different types of service, different client groups and different outcome domains. We will be telling the story of this data over the coming months, and want to encourage you as provider, commissioner or user of services to take up the call to data!

If you have any questions about the data, then we would be delighted to hear from you. We will be working with our partner agencies to ensure they are kept updated on the work, and would be very keen to hear of any thoughts and developments you would like to see as we move forward with this critical collection.

So – for the next two months – we will be on data watch. We hope you will join us in this great quest for critical knowledge that will remind and reinforce everyone about the critical role of good quality housing support services.

For more information on this and all things data – visit

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